Asayel Professional Studios
Asayel Studios are designed and equipped with high engineering technology. It is built with the best insulation materials and equipped by high quality equipment and software for audio production. Asayel has the first integral Master Unit which includes three control rooms in addition to the play room with a superb design and a wide space that can host more than twenty players. Asayel also provide writing services, intonation and music distribution for all singing works. Besides, duets, soundtracks, answer machine, voice dubbing, reordering, mix and the final master.
Professional Studios
Asayel Production House
Asayel group is one of the first companies that work in the field of TV and film production. It is equipped by high quality equipment for video production. Asayel has the ability to plan, design and implement a full visual advertising campaign including promotional TV advertisements. Asayel can also produce educational programs, video clips, TV series, TV programs, documentaries and cartoon movies.
Production House
Asayel Visual Communication
Asayel Group provide wide range of creative design and printing products (paper & leather), including: brochures, business cards, banners, invitations, menus, posters, magazines, roll-up stands, dangler, foam board, as well as illuminated signs, seals and other document finishing. We also provide printed promotional materials such as (cans gifts, watches, pens, mugs, armors, badges, booklet). Further more, we provide billboard reservations and integrated advertising campaigns.
Visual Communication
Asayel Event Management
In a short time, Asayel proved the ability to gain the trust of customers through experienced staff and high quality technologies offered in the recent projects. It offers the design and creation of theaters, decoration and management of festivals, events, exhibitions and conferences.
Event Management
Asayel Logistic Services
Asayel has extensive relationships with local radios and satellite channels, which qualifies the group to provide broadcasting services. Asayel also offers rental services of sound and light equipment and photographic equipment in addition to the modern theaters platforms and the provision of equipment for simultaneous interpretation, video conferences, projector screens and rental equipment limited contact, in addition to competent technical staff of human services.
Logistic Services
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